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Develop and create a logo

First of all, before getting to the development of a logo, it is important to understand that creating a logo is not just making a design that looks attractive and beautiful for the company. The importance of this goes much further and is that it will be the image, and, mainly, the "Corporate Identity" of the company, that is why it is of tremendous importance. For this reason, it is essential to previously understand together with the client and to know in greater depth how they visualize themselves, what their main activity is, how they want to project themselves before the market, under what concepts they want to be identified and how they want to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Then, once all of the above is understood, a first development comes looking for a graphic line that manages to encompass everything both in the fonts as a whole, as well as in the isotype (if the logo finally has it).

It is necessary to define if the logo is going to be only typography, or typography with isotype and/or also, if it is going to have a tagline (a phrase that accompanies the logo) that will support its image, since on many occasions, the use of it reinforces the general conceptualization, or the main activity of the company.

Then comes the definition and development of the graphic line in accordance with all of the above.

These are some of the logos we have made. To see more of our work, we invite you to enter our portfolio:


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