Brochure Design

Developing a catalog is a great challenge and, above all, when it has many pages for it to be successful and efficient project, as well as for the client to be satisfied

What is essential for the customer to be satisfied and the catalog to meet its objectives?

1. Define towards what objective the catalog will be oriented, that is, it is oriented towards the sale, the display of its products or rather informative.

2. Know what makes the competition in order to achieve something superior, improved and obtain information or ideas that can enrich the catalog.

3. Establish the number of pages it will have, since this is key to precisely define the information and content for each page so that it does not appear on any page or that the catalog is left with a disorderly or unclear layout.

4. Obtain images that stand out and are very consistent with the information being communicated to take advantage of and optimize the visual communication of the catalog.

5. When reviewing the original once it is finished, have it verified by at least, if possible, about three people, since having so many details, it is very easy for an error to escape.

6. Apply some finish with which some relevant detail stands out, for example, on the cover with UV lacquer and thus it is much more visually attractive.

7. Before sending the original file to press, I recommend printing the catalog to correct it on paper. This way, every detail is perceived more clearly.

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